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Zan-Cool didn't know much about Riebe but was still shocked when Alyssa told him that Riebe had a robotic arm. He pocketed his commlink, seeing that it was no good in contacting the other Jedi group on Coruscant, and walked along side with Alyssa. He quickly glanced back at Zamar and his master. His master was fairly close to Zan-Cool but Zamar kept his distance. After a couple of minutes of walking, the group found themselves once again in front of the skyscraper. Zan-Cool took the lead this time and entered the building first.

In the hallway of the building, he saw Zil sitting down with Roth on one of the many benches found inside. Once they have made eye contact with Zan-Cool, both Zil and Roth got up an approached him. "What happen?" Zil asked without hesitation. "We encounter droid..." Zan-Cool replied. "Battle droids?" Zil whispered. Zan-Cool nodded. "I told you..." Roth said to Zil as he slapped Zilís arm with the back of his hand. Roth looked at Zan-Cool, and with a look as if he just remembered something could be seen on his face. "Whoops sorry. We havenít properly met. Name's Roth." Rother said as he extended his hand to Zan-Cool. Zan-Cool shook Roth's hand. "Nice to meet you, Roth. My name is Zan-Cool Corizen." Roth smiled and then noticed the lightsaber hilt hung on Zan's belt. "'re a Jedi?" Zan-Cool nodded.

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." - Darth Maul
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