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Arrow [TSL] DarthMoeller and DarthSmallz' Robe and Lightsaber Reskin Pack Released


Download Version 1.4 Here

Enjoy the mod!

From the Readme...

This mod adds Jedi robes, armours, and lightsaber reskins. The Jedi robes replace the default Jedi robes, as after seeing the Prequal Star Wars movies, I thought robes should look a certain way. All the robes use the Jedi Robe model, instead of the master model for the knight and master robes. The robes are createable at the workbench. The Jedi Battle Robes are based on Darth Bandon's armour. The Bandon Armour is only useable for male PC's. In addition, there are 6 Lightsaber blade reskins. Each of the reskins is a two-toned blade. The variants include blue and yellow, blue and green, purple and green, orange and red,yellow and red, and silver and red. The lightsabers replace the default lightsabers in the game. The robes were retextured by DarthMoeller, and the lightsabers were retextured by DarthSmallz.

This mod is now compatible with svösh's jedi robe collar fix. There are instructions below on how to make it work with his mod. svösh's mod must be in your possession for this to work.

This version no longer uses the appearance.2da for Bandon's armour.

This version includes every master robe texture. In previous versions, not all the master robes were included. Since I altered the master model file, it messed up all master robes that were not included.

Jedi Robes I
Jedi Robes II
Jedi Robes III
Bandon-style Armour

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