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Originally posted by Darkkender
So what format does this decompile the scripts to. does it completly convert them to there *.nss format or to the *.pcode format?

I know I'll give it a go. However a script decompiler that uses that much RAM hopefully will be worthwhile as our current decompilers don't need that much memory.
*.nss format is what you can save them as.

We only recommend 256 so you can do other things (ie run Eclipse IDE which is a known memory hog) as well without having to worry about anything. Decompiling normal scripts (those with a main method and a handful of subroutines) only cause minor increases in RAM usage. I was able to decompile 2 dozen scripts and the RAM usage came to rest at about 30MB. The real problem lies in closing tabs; the program generates data that can get pretty big for larger files and it doesn't deallocate all of it. So prolonged use isn't going to do your RAM any favors
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