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"Nice to meet you all…anyways, we should all talk in my apartment. Please, follow me." said Roth with a smile. Zan-Cool nodded his head and followed as Roth led the way, the rest did the same. Once they reached the door to Roth's apartment, Roth slid a cardkey thru a card reader. The door slid upwards as Roth entered the room first. Once inside, Zan-Cool looked around of Roth's apartment. The floor had blue carpeting and it was the same color as the walls and ceiling of the place. Various furniture were nicely placed around and they were of a light blue color. To the far left was a glass door that led to a balcony which looks onto another part of Coruscant. To the far right of the apartment were many doors. Zan-Cool guessed that those doors led to various places any apartment has, such as bedrooms, restroom, etc. In front of Zan-Cool and the others is a huge screen, which is the television. "Nice place you got here." said Zan-Cool to Roth. "Thank you." replied Roth. "Please, have a seat all of you." Roth took a seat on a couch near a wall while Zan-Cool took a seat opposite of Roth.

"So you have encounter Battle droids?" asked Roth. "Yes..." replied Zan-Cool, "Zil told me that you've encountered a base of the Trade Federation." Roth waited for a couple of seconds before replying, "Well I'm assuming it’s a base. It was an abandoned building, didn't see much activity in it though." Zan-Cool kept quite for a second and spoke, "Where is this place?" Roth let out a sigh, "Unfortunately, this place is found in the lower section of Coruscant. I didn't stay there too long, seeing how things are always hectic down there."

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