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I recently bought the 3 tapes off eBay, and converted them onto my comp. I have been in talks with Nelvena lately, and described the Sam and Max situation, among the web. I am trying to find out how expensive it would be to acquire the rights for the TV show, so I could get those extra episodes that are practically impossible to get. My plans were to sell them, at assembly price on eBay, since I don't have the rights to them.

Now, if only Laserschwert would let me use his wonderful DVD cover he created for his Sam and Max copy....

Here's an email I sent to my friend at Nelvena, and later, I sent this to Steve Purcell.

My name is Scott and I was wondering about the Sam and Max Freelance Police cartoon that once aired back in the 90’s. Well, I don’t know if you know, but recently, LucasArts wanted to create a sequel a year ago to their first Sam and Max game. They ended up canceling it, and that infuriated at least 30,000 people to start a petition to save the game. It was ill-fated, as it caused the suits at LucasArts to turn their back on the adventure genre of games.

Anyways, I was wondering on the rights of the television show, and there are online communities that are clamoring for the show to come to DVD, especially the episodes that only aired once, or never due to “graphic nature” but that was what the show was about, and what the fans wanted. The fans really want the show on DVD, and especially since you are releasing a grouping of DVDs this fall, including the fantastic Clone High, we ask that you all remember your older shows, and push for those to be brought to DVD.

Steve Purcell was very frustrated with LucasArts’ decision to cancel that game, and his rights return to him this May for him to take his characters off to new publishers, such as TellTale Games and others who desperately want his intellectual properties. Even releasing the Sam and Max DVD with the most certain “to be picked up” Sam and Max 2 game, would be a great idea, as to hit the market with as much Sam and Max material as you can. That would probably be the best time to market the DVD, anyways.

I would really like to get those extra episodes.

Apparently, Brushguy has the extra episodes, but claims they are not in great condition in this old thread we once had.

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