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Originally posted by Cheech Marin
What I'm wondering is, if Order 66 is a genetic programming kind of thing, why didn't any red lights go off for the Kaminoans when they found out that their clones had a secret order to kill Jedi when they were told to?
Well the Kaminoans wouldnt really have a way of finding out. No one really visits their planet. Remember them waiting years and years just for a Jedi to come? There were no Jedi to go deliver the message to them, and the Empire of course wouldnt inform them. And even if they did find out and and stop clone production, the Empire had already begun recruiting as well as introducing new clone hosts by different cloners on different planets.

It does make me wonder why Yoda or Obi-Wan didnt send them a message telling them what had happened, then the Kaminoans could have helped the remaining Jedi by aiding them with their own army of clones. Well im thinking too far outside the box so I suppose ill stop now
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