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I have uploaded a new version of the Patcher and its support applications. If anyone is interested you can download it on this page.

As before, comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcomed.

This is what has changed since the first release, snipped from the Readme:

TSLPatcher v1.1.1b
* Added a new Setting that when set will make the Patcher run in Installer mode instead. When doing this, the Patcher will not ask for each individual file. It will only ask the user for the folder where the game is installed, and then automatically use the dialog.tlk file found in that folder, and the override folder located there. If no Override folder exists within the selected folder, one will be created. The patcher will then check the Override folder for the presence of any of the files (except dialog.tlk of course) it should modify. If present, it will modify those existing files. If the files are not present, the Patcher will look in the "tslpatchdata" folder for the file, which will then be copied to Override and modified there. Thus, when using the Patcher in Installer mode, all data files that make up your mod should be put in the "tslpatchdata" folder (except dialog.tlk). In the case of 2DA files, don't put the modified version here, put an unaltered copy of the 2DA files in "tslpatchdata". They will only be used if the user doesn't already have a custom version of that file in their Override folder.

* Added a bare bones file "installer" feature to allow the Patcher to also install files it shouldn't modify. All files must be located within the "tslpatchdata" folder, and will be copied to the specified folder within the main Game folder the user has selected (override in most cases). This will only work when the patcher runs in Installer mode. Intended to allow the patcher to fully install a mod into the game, not just the files that it should modify. Useful for things like textures, icons, unmodified scripts etc.

* Added support for the Orientation and Position type of fields (that I missed earlier) when modifying GFF fields. If you wish to use it for whatever reason, Orientation is set as four decimal values separated by a | character. Position works the same, but is three numbers instead of four. For example:

Field: CameraList\0\Orientation
Value: 12.4|6.5121|1.25|-9.6

* Added a primitive way for the Patcher to modify things like NCS scripts with correct 2DA index values and StrRefs. It is currently VERY primitive, and WILL mess up your files if you don't know what you are doing when you configure it. As such it is not added to the ChangeEdit application, and I won't describe how it works here. If you really need to use it, ask me and I'll describe how it works.

TalkEd v0.9.9b
* Added new option in the Search dialog to search for each word individually. Checking this box and typing "vogga dance" as criteria would match the string "Do you wish to dance for vogga?" for example.
* Fixed some annoying behavior in the list when adding new entries. The list should now display all new entries that have been added since the current file was loaded (or created in case it is a new file) when a new entry has been added.
* Added support for associating TalkEd with TLK files in the Windows Explorer. If a TLK files is drag-n-dropped on the TalkEd icon, that file will be opened. If TalkEd is associated with TLK files, doubleclicking a TLK file will open it in TalkEd.

ChangeEdit v0.9.3b
* Fixed annoying list behavior, when adding a new entry to a list, the new line will be selected.
* Added CTRL-SHIFT+Arrowkey keyboard shortcuts to press the arrow buttons that store/retrieve data in lists.
* Two new entries in the Settings section. You may now set if the patcher should do backups of existing files before modifying them, and you may set which run mode (Patcher or Installer) it should run in.
* Added new section for specifying files that should be installed by the patcher when running in Installer mode.
* A whole bunch of minor bug fixes.

(Check the Force Powers mod I recently uploaded to PCGameMods if you wish to see a working example of this version of the Patcher in action.)

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