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I don't know if you read this BD before the forum went to hell:

As far as Hal and Allessa being to proud, I can see that in there characters, however they are suppose to be Hero (correct?). And it doesn't make sense for a hero to leave the fate of the galaxy in hands of people he believes to be morally corrupt. Then we have Matt. By leaving the group Hal is condeming Matt to either be killed, or be trained by a moronic wanna be Jedi that has already screwed up Matts initial training (Scar: This is how Hal sees Sir Vin so dont' yell at me).

As far as Bridges being burned that is only true for Drago (his parting comment did the trick), not for Hal or Allessa. As far as Heimdall is concerned Hal went back to his people to arrange a few things and will be returning. Heimdall isn't going to be making Hal ask to be let in (Svafa would but that is Svafa ). I don't see this being a problem:

Heimdall: Rejoining the Group?

Hal: yup

In the past that wouldn't necessarily be true but seeing your sisters and brothers die horrible deaths does effect a person (even an Aesir). Of course these are your characters and if you want them out then it is your choice. I just know that they can come back. Either way I'm thinking about brining in a race I introduced in Cantina that would help your legions.

Also I'm curious to to hear this idea of how you plan on closing the rift between them.

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