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K-GFF (GFF Editing Utility) v1.3.0

K-GFF (GFF Editing Utility) v1.3.0 (Jan 8, 2008)

Download from

-v1.3.0: Added ability to search STRREF fields by STRREF (go figure); added ability to search STRREF fields by TEXT; added ability to search CEXOLOCSTRING fields by TEXT (not just CEXLOCSUBSTRINGs); made selection background color cyan for easier viewing (why didn't I do this right from the beginning?); Added notification if searching by text and TLK file has not been selected

-v1.2.4: Added language toggle for The Witcher non-standard Lang IDs, fixed some behavioral issues mostly involving keeping the node highlighted when things happen.

-v1.2.3: Fixed a bug with the MRU list that was causing some misbehaving when it came it to opening files, specifically, that the tree wouldn't show unless you hit F5 to refresh.

-v1.2.2: Fixed a bug in the GFF libarary, exposed by v1.2.1. This affected GFF files where, after pasting a List that has a single struct or empty List, caused the change not to get saved. Thanks stoffe again!

Yet another GFF Editor...

This one features some extra support for KotOR/TSL namely in the form of VECTOR and ORIENTATION fields. These field types, as you may recall, were not present when GFFEditor.exe was published on Bioware's web site. Consequently certain GFF files (eg.: .git, .ifo) would become corrupted by editing. K-GFF supports these fields, hence you will no longer need to use CamEdit if you edit a module's .git file. Support for StrRef fields (Field Type: 18) has also been added for Jade Empire modding as of v1.1.9.

Another enhnacement over GFFEditor is the support for multiple CEXOLOCSTRING substring editing. It is now feasible for instance to publish a .dlg file with localized strings that is readable in all languages.

Other little features include: rudimentary support for BINARY fields (you can import and export these fields to files to perform hex editing), Cut/Copy/Paste of nodes, optional TLK file integration so you can translate StringRefs if you choose.

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