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Last version changes (again)

Since this thread has lost most of its posts I suppose I should re-post what is new in the latest released full version (1.1.2), which includes a rudimentary readme, examples and the TalkEd and ChangeEdit utilities.

It can be downloaded from here.

TSLPatcher v1.1.2b
* Added an optional special key named "ExclusiveColumn" to the AddRow and CopyRow 2DA modifiers. If used this must be at the top of the modifier list for AddRow or just below the Index of the line to copy in CopyRow. When present this must be set to the label (ie name) of a column in the 2DA file. The patcher will then check what value is assigned to that column in the modifier for the new row, and compare it to the values of all rows in that column in the 2DA file. If no other row has the same value in the column as the one you are about to add, the Patcher will continue as usual and add the new line to the 2DA file.

If, however, another line already had that value set for the specified "exclusive" column, then that line will be modified instead and no new row will be added to the file. This can be used to update existing lines, for example when a new version of a mod is released, avoiding adding duplicate line while still allowing the mod to be installed fresh if the lines don't already exist.

IMPORTANT! Only the first matching row will be used and modified, thus it is very important that you use a column which allows you to identify the row in a fairly unquie way. The "label" column in the 2DA files which has it is good for this, since the game rarely if ever actually use the values here for anything.

* Added a "LabelIndex" special key to the ChangeRow 2DA modifier. This will only work for 2DA files which have a "label" column. In those files you can use the "label" column to index/identify a row to modify instead of the normal line number or row label identifiers. This is useful for modifying existing lines which have had their line number and row label assigned dynamically earlier, and as such you can't know them when you are writing your Patcher instructions. IMPORTANT! If more than one row has the specified value in its "label" column, the row with the highest line number (ie closest to the end of the file) will be used.

* Added support for the "high()" special value token to the AddRow 2da modifiers as well. Previously this special token only worked for CopyRow modifiers. (It inserts the highest value of all rows in that column + 1 for the new row, provided that the column contains numbers.)

* Added a summary of patcher progress log at the conclusion of an Install/Patch operation, reporting if any warnings or errors occured during installation. This should hopefully make it clearer to users who understandably won't read the whole log if something went wrong.

* Changed the "start" message in the progress log to reflect if the program is running in Installer of Patcher mode. Also added the date and time when the operation was started, to help people remember in what order they have installed different mods (which if useful to know if you want to uninstall a mod.) See the next point below.

* At the conclusion of an operation, the progress log will now automatically be saved to a file named "installlog.rtf" created in the same folder as the Patcher app is running from.

* Cosmetics: The ".\" folder (ie the game root folder), if used in the InstallList of folders, will now be reported as the "Game" folder in the progress log.

* Added support for overwriting existing InstallList files. If using ChangeEdit.exe, tick the checkbox below the filename input box. If editing things with a text editor, Change the key in the file-list from "File#" to "Replace#". This will make existing files with the same name to be overwritten. The original file will first be placed in the "backup" folder (if backup is enabled) before it is overwritten. The Patcher will also refuse to overwrite EXE and TLK files. This is useful for updating an earlier version of a mod while still allowing it to be installed fresh with the same Installer.

* Added a new special key to the HACKList modifiers. If the first key in the list for each file is set to "ReplaceFile=1", this will make any existing files in the Override folder with the same name be overwritten. Note that the existing files will be overwritten by fresh copies from the "tslpatchdata" folder before HACK assigns new values. This is useful for allowing updates to earlier versions installed while still allowing fresh install with the same Installer app.

* If running in Installer mode and a needed file is missing in the "tslpatchdata" folder (which it in most cases really shouldn't be) and the patcher asks the user for the file instead, the selected file will now be copied to Override and modified there, rather than that file being modified directly as it incorrectly worked before.

ChangeEdit v0.9.4b
* Added a preview box to the TLK panel to let you view the whole entry when you select a long TLK entry in the append.tlk list. Should make it easier to pick the correct entry when assigning StrRef tokens if you have several which starts in pretty much the same way (for example Force Power descriptions).

* Added a "Replace" checkbox to the Install Files panel. When checked the file in the edit box will replace files with the same name that already exists in the folder. If not checked, the Installer will skip the file and issue a warning in the progress log that the file already existed.

* Added "LabelIndex" to the line identifier dropdown menu in the ChangeRow editor window for 2da files. If selected, the value box should be set to a value in the "label" column in the 2da. See above in the patcher change notes for more info about this.

* Added "high()" to the Value field dropdown list in the AddRow 2da editor window.

* Added "ExclusiveColumn" to the Column label dropdown list in the AddRow and CopyRow 2da editor windows when loading column labels from a 2da file. See above for more info about what this optional key does.

TalkEd v0.9.9b
* Added new option in the Search dialog to search for each word individually. Checking this box and typing "vogga dance" as criteria would match the string "Do you wish to dance for vogga?" for example.
* Fixed some annoying behavior in the list when adding new entries. The list should now display all new entries that have been added since the current file was loaded (or created in case it is a new file) when a new entry has been added.
* Added support for associating TalkEd with TLK files in the Windows Explorer. If a TLK files is drag-n-dropped on the TalkEd icon, that file will be opened. If TalkEd is associated with TLK files, doubleclicking a TLK file will open it in TalkEd.

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