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the phantom

You are part of a rebel transport to Dantooine. On the way you are ambushed by some star destroyers. You are then locked in a fierce battle.

You can either be the imperials or the rebels.
you can be part of the space battle or you can choose to board a ship and try and dock with the opposing ship.
If you wish to be a pilot you can control theses fighters and groups:

rebels: X Wing, Y wing, A wing, B wing, E wing. Of coarse you can put the ships in different groups. The available groups are, Red Group, Gold Group, Blue Group, White group, Green Group.

Imperials: Tie fighter, Tie interceptor, Tie advanced, Tie Bomber, Tie phantom.

Name: e.g. bob
Faction: e.g. rebels
Rank: e.g. pilot
(ship: e.g. A wing or N/A
weapons: (if pilot you can state what weapons your ship has, if troop what weapons you have in hand. and please no lightsbaers!)
bio: bob is cool, bob is a pliot from a place. bob has flown with the rebels for 3 years....

I'll start it off....

Name: Jax
Faction: Rebels
Rank: Pilot, Blue Leader
Ship: B wing
weapons: 3 laser cannons, 8 proton torpedoes, 4 bombs
Bio: Jax was once part of the legendary viper squadron. After the squadron was destroyed Jax, the only sivivour, took control of blue group. He has been in conrtol of blue group for a while and shas seen them threw some tought battles.

An alarm sounded. I jumped up from my bed and grabbed my gear. a message bleared out.
"we have been ambushed by some star destroyers, all personal to your stations!"
I grabbed my helmet and ran to the hanger. There a senour officer was giving a qucik briefing. He told us where to aim on the star destroyers and where its weak spots where. After he had finished he wished us all luck and watched as we all got into our ships. I ran to my B-wing. It had seen many battles and had been repeared too many times to count. It still bore the Viper Squadron symbol and it aslo had a blue dash across it, to signify i was part of Blue Group. I jumped in and put my helmet on. the hatch closed and i pushed the ignition. My ship flew out of the hanger along with the others. In the distance i could make out some fighters and about 3 star destroyers. "all right guys this is it" i heard a voice say.
"Blue group report in" i said


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