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Well Red I don't know how it works, because I can't land any scientists there to find out, because none of their equipment works.

Basically anything that is electrical/nuclear dosen't work. I'm saying this as a blanket rule becuase otherwise we'd end up with the odd exception here and there and pretty soon the group would be going there all kitted out with no probelms.

Machineary works, like steam power, or firearms. The reason the Agamari don't use them is a little complex but here it is in brief. Tarsians seem to have a cultural blind spot, they can't invent things, but they can copy things or improve things.

The Agamari consider it their sacred duty to try and eliminate the Tarsians, they believe that doing so will eliminate the anti-tech mojo, maybe. Now the first ship that landed obviously came all teched up, then all the tech stopped working and the crew had to fight the naked savages with swords, mainly they just had to deal with pointy sticks.

Some of them got killed and dragged away, of the twlve in the survey team four survived and were eventually picked up by a very skilled and intelligant pilot, who just got his ship out in time.

The next team went in rapid insertion style all kitted out in archaic armour and stuff. They faced Tarsians with iron tipped spears, beat them back then were picked up at the end of their scouting mission.

The next group faced a roughly organised battle line, the next a shield wall, the next an organised battle line with spears covering slingers, the next mounted troops. You get the picture. Needless to say you don't want to introduce firearms into the mix and certainly not rifles.

So anything the group has that post dates about 1300 techwise will get confiscated, they'll get it back but not until the end of their stay.

Needless to say the Tarsians aren't human, exactly what they are I'd like to keep under wraps.

This is all very vague as the whole thing is now shrouded in legend.

About the armour. I feel no need to really explain in great detail how the Agamari fight on a Star Wars battlefield because the answer is more or less the same as everyone else. They all carry short swords and certain units of Houseguards engage in hand to hand with axes or swords fully armoured.

About fighting the Sith, if I understand correctly their bodies are basically alive, right? Then you kill them and the magic more or less re-asembles the body and they come back to life. While the body is "dead" i.e. missing a head it can't do anything.

So given that the more serious the injury the longer it takes for the body to reasemble what if, during that time I were to do one of the following:

Stick the head on a spike

Ram a stake through the heart

Cut the head off and stick it in a box

burn the body to ashes?

As far as I have seen the magic always tries to reasemble the body, but what if I make that physically impossible?

Like the guy in the ice, the magic kept bringing him back to life, then he died again.

Answer that for me, then we can talk about what the swords do.

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