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BD: If I'm correct you said there was something like a dampening field on the planet, which would shut down after the completion of the quest? At least those were your original plans for the planet.

Since I'm interested: Why are the Agamari so dedicated to eliminating the Tarsians? and given the circumstances why even bother with Tarsis in the first place?

Now on to the Sith.

Currently when a Sith dies after about five minutes the body will regenerate slightly disfigured (No matter what though the disfigurement will never reach the point where the Sith is useless). Now how the body regenerates is dependent on the way the Sith died. Some examples:

A broken neck would simply repair itself and probably result in the head being at a slight tilt.

A missing limb (say from incineration, like what would happen in a nuclear blast) will grow back. If the body is turned to ash, the largest particale would be the one to regrow the body, if every particle is the same then it is random.

A missing limb close to the largest part of the body will reattach itself to the body.

A missing limb that is far away or is blocked from reattaching will turn to ash and the body will regrow that piece. Something else to note the ash is poisonous and very deadly if inhaled.

A stake through the heart would be ejected at high velocity hopefully at the person who put the stake in the heart.

Now if you were paying attention (you get a cookie) you will notice I said currently before going into those examples. As Hel's power grows and she is able to bring back other races (Heloki, Fenris Brood, Jotuns). The time that it takes a body to regenerate will decrease until it seems almost like nothing happened.

An example of this: A turbolaser blast hits a sith completely incinerating the body. An eyeblink later the Sith is back.

And there is another tidbit that the Aesir don't know, Hel's gaining power faster then they believed she would. In conclusion Loki's army is designed to be unbeatable, (purely so the galaxy can be destroyed in the time limit), the "good guys" may enjoy success for a time, but that will be a very short period of time.

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