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Originally posted by riceplant
I suppose it would be too much to ask for a list of all the changes in the patch in one place? I've read through this thread, but there are lots of confusing and even contradictory posts. Add to that my bad memory, and I don't know whether to download at all.

(I gather that one advantage of the patch is that you can play on Kurgan's server, though, which I would like to try. I can only find FFA Duel servers)

EDIT: About the rolling thing, how do you mean, making it so that you have to be running to roll like in SP? You can easily roll from a standing start in any direction (Except right. I have great problems rolling to the right. Any ideas?).
You can usually roll from standing, but you have to press the keys every time, not just hold them down like before. Backrolling you have to have momentum to do it (backwards roll). Playing as a "Merc" (in Jedi Vs. Merc) or non-Jedi in Siege, you typically run somewhat slower, and so rolling is harder. You need momentum to roll, so you have to start running or be falling forward to do it.

The fixes are mostly listed on LucasArts's support pages for the game where you download the patch.

They made Siege slightly more stable and I believe they made it so that the Force Crystals in Korriban only prevent the use of Force Speed (I think before they nixed all Force powers except Jump) while being held. Boba Fett (if you transform into him using cheats in SP) has a flame thrower in place of Force Lightning...

Vehicle control was slightly improved from 1.0.

Also the "lock on rocket bug" that was present in JK2 MP, has finally been removed (so you can't lock onto somebody, switch to another weapon, switch back and fire and thus use up only 1 rocket ammo for the seeker rocket and it's as fast as a normal rocket anymore).

They removed "devmapall" as a toggle for cheats in SP. Now you are forced to use the (alternate method) "helpusobi 1".

There was a slight issue with the saber cycling if you use cheats in single player to give yourself more saber stances (just like in the Demo). This can be resolved (I'm told) with special key binds. I haven't played SP in so long I don't really remember them but Crownest knows.

In 1.01 the Melee attacks in MP have sounds now. Punches, kicks, and grapples were silent in 1.0!

Most of the fixes weren't very noticable in MP and gameplay isn't really affected except for the roll thing. Driver fixes and such.

The server browser fix was the single biggest thing it really did IIRC. That was a huge mistake to ship the game without fixing that!

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