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Voice acting

What do you think of the voice acting in The Dig? Many reviewers have said that it's very blank and that the actors fail to express any sort of emotion through the characters.

I loved the work Steven Blum did as Brink, especially when the scientist had gone insane. It was really, really creepy.

Robert Patrick, on the other hand... I think his voice was good when Low was observing his surroundings or just having a regular conversation, but the minute there was supposed to be more emotion it got bad. To me it seemed like he was just reading his lines aloud at some points. He wasn't a bad actor and his voice suited the character, but I wish he had done just a little bit better.

As for Mari Weiss, she did pretty good job. Though I wish she had used a different tone every now and then. She delivered every line in the almost same way.

My favourite actor in the game was no doubt Leilani Jones, even though she had such a small role. I really like her deep, soft voice.

Now, before you kill me for saying something negative about the game, share your opinions on the voice acting.

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