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Name:Stu Zandar.
Rank:Colonel,Green Leader(E7).
Ship:Specialised E-Wing (As seen in Space War,A Story B4 The Forums Screwed Up.
Weapons:20 Heat seeking proton Torpedoes, 4 Ion Cannons, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon.
Bio:A Good Friend Of Jax,Stu Was A Major Part of the retaliation of the rebles during Viper squadrons mission, Backing up Jax And Vice-Admiral Kenobi.

"E-Group Call-in."
"E-1 Standing By."
"E-2 Standing by."
"E-3 Standing by."
"E-4 Standing By."
"E-5 Standing by."
"E-6 Standing By."

"Excellent! Ok Boys and Girls It's Just Like We Discussed E's 1-2&3 Break off and aim your fire at the engines."
"Yes Sir."
"Everyone Else Follow Me."
"Right away Sir!"
"The Empire Never Quits does it Jax.!"

Ok 2nd Person Time.
Name:Jennifer Montero
Rank:Pilot (E-5)
Ship:Standard E-Wing.
Bio:Jennifer Is One of the Lesser known Rebel Pilots Because She Has only recently been in Rebel Battles,and Has Bulit Up a bit of a relationship with Green Leader Stu Zandar.
"Copy Green Leader right behind you."
"Sir 2 TIE Bombers comming in fast."
"Copy That E-5 i got them."
*Stu Blows up 2 tie bombers.*
"Stu I Want To try and board a ship?"
"No,Jen its too risky."
"Copy That."
*E-6 Gets Destroyed Behind Jennifer.*

Meanwhile back with Stu.
(Sorry if its a bit Confusing.)
"E-6!! DAMNNIT!!!."
"Ok Change Of Plans Guys & Girls, Split up and hunt these Punks down.!"
"Jax, Me And E-5 Will Give assistance if needed."

Kawasaki Racing Team
-56 Shinya Nakano
-17 Randy DePuniet
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