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Originally posted by Fender
Prayers are given for the lost.
Oh good, that'll bring the dead back to life!

The only way to deal with the London Bombing incident is this - do nothing. Don't let those who wish to threaten our way of life feel that they've had an impact. Yes, people have died, London had been brought grinding to a halt. Luton, where I live, some 30 miles north of London, has partially shut down due to an exploded car outside the Train Station that Police believe is connected with the London incident.

The best way to deal with it? Do nothing. Blair has, AFAIK, stated that this is his Plan of Action. Bush's plan was "Let's begin a War on Tourism... sorry, Terrorism!" and start bombing a Country that might possibly have a connection with the Terrorists maybe, then use that action to justify going to war with another country who not only had nothing to do with it, but wasn't even doign anything wrong. Funny, isn't it.

Blair's decision to do Nothing is the smartest one to make.

People have lost lives, friends, relatives, lovers, purely because some people like their God a little too much. Just because there are no plans to do something, doesn't mean that they died for nothing.

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