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rebels: Be a wookie, grab a speeder bike and go to the bunker. go the around the battle field so you dont atracked any unwanted atention. then once ur in the bunker place the time bombs near the light emiter thingy. once you've done this (the thing still wont be destroyed) stand a good distance away and use you grenade launcher to bombard it. again this wont/shouldn;t destroy it so go out side and go to the ammo droid and get more time bombs and then go and finish the job. One the shield bunker has been destrroyed capture the command post that spawns the At-St's then kill whats left of them.

Empire: Grab an AT-ST and go around the side carefully not walking none of the ewok traps. go to the rebels main command post, get out and take it. wait a while so more troops can spawn there then go and take the village. soon the rebel forces should be gone


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