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A couple things you might want to know BD:

* Blade/Shadow tech - being magic-based - doesn't need electricity to work and doesn't use nuclear power. (Electricity is incorporated only inasmuch as organic life forms have electrical impulses from neurons etc. if I remember my biology.) This is technology that evolved in a world that didn't even need to discover steam power since magic power was so much easier to come by.

(Some Shadow tech has elements of electrical/nuclear technology, since it's cribbed from other dimensions, but still most of Guy's stuff would work... some systems might fail but there's always backups.)

* Magic from the Aether (i.e. my universe) isn't the same as magic from Mrear and wouldn't have any abnormal effect on Agamari swords.

Also: That IS alot of cribbing. "Futhork" and runes on blades from Admiral, and the Force "fuzzed out" from me (Kidding mostly but "Futhork" is kinda pushing it. )

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