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"theres something up ahead"
"i see it blue 5, dont know what they are though"
*blast as objects nd some explode*
"Damn it mines!"
*look up*
"arrrr the imperials must have dumped them so we cant get to close to there star destroyers"
*fires into mine field. Explosions*
"Blue group be carfeul"
All: "copy that blue leader"
*continues to fire into mine field*
*dodges explosion*
"we're coming up to a star destoyer, get ready Blue Group"
"Blue leader this is Blue 4 (Y wing) do you want me to lead Blue 6 Blue 9 and Blue 10 (also Y wings) to bombared the bridge?"
"copy that Blue 4 start your attack run when your ready, we'll cover you"
*starts to attack star destroyer*
"stu start to attack the other star destoyer, leave the one by the riff (which is a seperat from the others) alone for now"
*over intercom*
"command any idea what it is yet?"
"Jax, a man called Romanix want to speak to you.....he claims to be a jedi"
"A Jedi? what have they got to do with this?"


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