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Originally posted by ChAiNz.2da
Trust me, you're no bother at all. You have a valid question and would like an answer

I'm not sure, maybe T7 or one of the others may know.

@other USM'ers
Is there a level requirement for him to build a saber? Or other pre-requisite...

Yeah, I feel like a goober not knowing the answer about a mod I helped work on... call me "Flaky.2da"
Considering you guys managed to put together such a huge wonderful mod (with this exception, I've had no problems getting Visas to build her's and Kriea's showed up perfectly fine as well) while working around real life, I don't think you should feel like a goober at all

And to give the other bug hunter some info that may help:

Character is a level 13 guardian, has 4 SW lightsaber cartridges (2 Purple, 1 Green, 1 Blue), plus the blue prints for the "breakaway" saber, but no crystals associated with it. Also has 2 double blades sabers gotten from in game, one single lightsaber constructed at the bench and one short lightsaber contructed at the bench.

Hope this helps.

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