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(OOC: Okay, you three. It looks like I'm the first Imperial in this thread. Here's my character data:

Name: Sebastian Vlay
Faction: Empire
Rank: Squadron Leader
Ship: TIE Interceptor
Weapons: Four heavy laser cannons
Bio: As a squadron leader of the Empire, Sebastian has many administrative abilities and a great bit of knowledge. He knows how to take total control of the space arena, leaving no enemies alive. He's thirty-three years old, has been a qualified member of the Empire for nine years, and took four years of the Empire's special training classes.)

(Okay, here's the in-character post...)

Sebastian stood in the secondary hangar of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Conquestor. For the past few minutes, he's been monitoring starfighter activity leaving and docking the bay. Almost one squadron has left the Conquestor since the attack was initiated by ship commander Gyiez.
While making his observations, a message came over the bay's intercom.
"Black squadron, you have twenty seconds to be in your fighters."
Sebastian quickly left his station and took the elevator down to the main launch floor. He rushed over to his fighter, leaving eight seconds before launch. Only a few others were ahead of him, so he's doing good. He opened the top hatch and jumped in, closing the hatch behind him.
"Five seconds remaining."
He flipped a few switches and pressed a small red button, beginning start-up. Almost forgetting to put on his helmet, Sebastian reached over and grabbed the pitch TIE pilot helmet. By the time he had his helmet on, the engines were ready-to-go. The other pilots were all ready as well, and the voice over the comm gave the signal to go.
The Twin Ion Engines fighters all began to lift off the hangar floor and leaving the bay. Sebastian's TIE Interceptor took the lead of black squadron as usual; with its advanced maneuvering and navigational systems giving it a distinct advantage over the normal fighters.
As the squadron neared the main fight, Sebastian tapped his comm.
"Black squadron, split up into groups of three. Uneev and Kile, cover me."
His order was acknowledged by the members of the squadron, leaving everyone to split up. Two standard fighters followed him, covering his back as he took care of main threats.
Two Rebel fighters were ahead of him, coming onto his targetting scope. That's it...
Sebastian suddenly jerked backwards as he locked onto and fired at a rebel fighter, x-wing class. The fighter was immediately blown away, but not without the other noticing the new Imperial squadron.

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