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"listen to me jax, My name is Romanix, the riff in space....i sense an un-usual amout of energy coming out of it"
"i see, whats going on?"
"it could mean a number of things, but i sense something"
"something powerful"
*the riff in space emits explosions*
"whats that?"
"an electrical storm is brewing inside the riff"
"what does this mean?"
"I don't know, i will radio back when i have more information"
"thank you master romanix"
*sees x-wing being destroyed*
"Blue group we have tie fighters coming in, one mark and two tens"
"copy that blue leader"
"blue 2, blue 3 and blue 4 follow me, guys see what you can do to help them"
*swerves away and goes towards the star destroyer near the riff*
"what are you doing sir?"
"dont worry don (Blue 2) Ive got it under control"


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