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GameToast Modders

GameToast Modders
Clan Name : GameToast Modders
Clan Tag : [GT]
Members : 50 and still growing
PlatForm : PC
Timezone: None (world clan)
Clan Leader: guru

The Gametoast clan started about 4 months ago, by a bunch of modders, (me included) who just wanted to have fun pwning others in BW5, well, 4 BWeeks later, were now 50 clan members and growing, the clan has also teamed up to make a few maps such as GT-1 Jai Nollan and GT-1 Dantooine Dust. Gametoast is climbing the ranks at hitting a whopping 4 out of 20 clans in BW8.

Learn more about us or download the latest mods at

Metal On


Metal On!!!

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