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I personally would like them to try flogging Guy to Death, but that is just me.

Now as far as the futhark is concerned I decided on using that when I created the Aesir, and well does it really matter? After all both me and Deac use Ragnarok...
BD: Just a couple of points/thoughts

As far as confiscating Guy's technology, and well the rest of the groups is concerned. You are going to have some problems with that. The end of the universe will be very near when the group reaches Tarsis, so expecting them to obey a law that could possibly lead them to fail the quest isn't going to happen. Especially when success means that any thing they did on that planet would not have happened. Assuming that the group even contacts the government in the first place, their MO so far has not been to contact local governments asking permission to land, rather they pick a spot and land.

You said you want to strip the group of everything they rely upon, but how are you going to accomplish that? The Aesir rely more upon their archaic weapons then they do on the more advanced techonology (in combat) so the no tech rule won't harm them. They also have access to the Futhark so again there isn't a problem. Marin rely's upon shapshifting, Aidan on brute force/his lightning attack so he isn't effected. Orthos I believe has the Starkiller sword he uses. The ones that will be hurt on Tarsis are the jedi and raschel.

I'm still waiting to hear what is so important about Tarsis that the Agmari bother with it.

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