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"Copy Blue Leader. All E-wings Follow Me!"
"yes Sir!"
"E-1(Adrian.),E-3(David.) & E-5(Jennifer.) Make a run at the engines whilst me,E-4(Alan.)And E-2(Colleen.) Will take care of the TIE's."
"Jennifer i will leave you in charge of Adrian and dave until the engines are down."

Jennifer's Story.

"Thank you Green Leader i will do the job".
"Alright boys lets get those engines."
Adrian:"I've Got a lock on one of the TIE's."
Jen:"Save Your ammo till we get to the engines.!"
Adrian and David:"Yes Ma'am.!"
*group 2 reach engines.*
Jen:"Okay Lock On Boys."
*Engines Explode and power down.*
"Hey stu baby,we done it.!"

Back With Stu.

"Alright Sweet, Babe Get the guys together and we'll re-group."
Jen:Right away."
"Alan,Colleen, we have 3 more Phantoms left so far.
Alan:"Good Goddamn Imperials."
Colleen:Lock On.!"
*group two catches up with lead group.
Stu:OK one more left but its cloaked.!"
All:Yes Sir.!"
*TIE un-cloacks behind Jennifer.*
Stu:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU DAMN F*****G TIE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."
"Guys, Go Back to base."
All:yes sir."
"Baby?! Why You?"
*Softly cries.*
"b-base i-i'm returning the team back."
*says to self.*"First Luke(E-6)And Now J-J-Jennifer(E-5)
"G-Good Luck Jax!"
*docks E-Wing.*
Colleen Runs up*
"Stu i'm so sorry about Jennifer."
*Sniffles*"Thanks Colleen."
*Walks up to adrian.*
"Adrian, I'm Making you Green Leader for a while."
"No Prob."
"Colonel, For your coregeous efforts and leadership we are promoting you to Admiral"said Admiral Jackson.
"Thanks Alot Admiral but i would like to be alone for a while."
*Stu walks off to his quarters.*
Admiral Jackson:"Whats wrong with him?"
Colleen: (sighes) "He Lost his girlfriend in the mission."
A-J:Ah I see"
Adrian:"Ok Guys I'm the new leader until stu recovers"
All:Very well"
Adrian:Back to your ships!"
"Yes Sir."
"Blue leader, this is Green Leader Adrian Marques. Whats the situation.?"

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