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Rebel Scum

(Man, lol. FISTO KIT, lol. I've been making little raps out of that and I don't even enjoy rap. This is hilarious. )

Sebastian confirms the small victory over the e-wing squadron, but doesn't let his guard down. Within a few more minutes, the squadron comes flying out yet again. Excellent. It looks like we've startled them. Time for the real fun!
"Uneev, Kile, continue with me. Cover me as I take care of the Rebel scum overtaking the area." He says.
"Yes sir!" Replied both pilots.
Using the Rebels' nervousness to his advantage, Sebastian swiftly flew in and decimated an e-wing. He then steered to his left and found another e-wing. The e-wing showed on his targetting scope, but Sebastian couldn't manage to get the e-wing in the center of his scope. He fired a few shots anyway, which either missed or dissolved into the e-wing's shields...

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