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*intercom is full of static becuase we're so close to the riff.dodges cannon fire, and fires torpedo at cannon which explodes*
Don:"jax this is suicide!"
Jax:"dont worry Don just stay focused"
*fires at cannon which explodes*
Don:"Jax are you sure you know what you are doing?"
Jax:"no, im just making up as i go along"
*something comes out of the riff*
Jax:"what the?"
Don:"it's a ship"
Jax:"firespray class, and it's flanked by two Tie fighters"
Don:"I don't recognise those tie fighters they don't appear on my scope"
Jax:"they don't appear to be following us"
Don: "watch out for that firespray guys they are bloddy pests!"
Jax:"hmmm Don's right, Stu this is Jax reporting in, i know you have just suffered a huge loss but you used to fly a firespray ship can you tell me anything about them?"
*intercom full of static*
Jax: "Damn it"
Don: "Jax these ties...they are like nothing iv'e ever seen before"
Jax: "I know"
*firespray turns and launches a bomb*
Don: "What the?"
*star destroyer explodes*
Jax: "That firespray just destroyer that star desteoyer single handed!"
*firespray opens fire on some tie fighters and then onto a few X-wings, onw of which explodes*
Jax: "whats going on?"
*firespray turns around and flies towards my group of blue group*
Don: "It's coming staright for us!"
Jax: "Don, Dave (Blue 3), Nekx (Blue 4) follow me!"
Nekx: "whats going on cus?"
Jax: "you may be my cousin Nekx but you still call me Blue Leader"
Nekx: "sorry Blue Leader"
Jax: "That firesparay is closing in"
*firespray opens fire*
*all ships dodge blasts*
Jax:"STU DO YOU COPY?!?!?!?"

(please note if you wish to engage the fighters you may NOT destroy the frespray ship cus im kinda going somewhere with this and remember the Tie fighters with it and the actual firespray ship are not part of the Imperials or the Rebels and will attack both sides! cheers )


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