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RepublicCommando.Net Hosting Apply


I really do love Republic Commando, so much that I'd applied for the hosting at However, it's been quite a few days ago since then and I've received no reply.

I've been having problems with my mail services lately, (Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL Webmail) and I believe that since the form I filled out is sent by me, which so is my mail on Yahoo! and such, that it failed because of something that went wrong. (Okay, that made no sense. )

But this is not your guys' problemo 'migos. I'd just like to apply for hosting, with or without an email. I could give you guys the information, or whatever. Or I could just wait until I get a reply from Yahoo!, as I sent them a error report. Difficult times, but I'd still wish to have hosting.

Also, I can receive email at any of my addresses, but can't send. Just wanted to tell you to see if I can still join without using my email or whatever. Lol. Thanks...

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