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BD: Your under the assumption that the Asgardried would enter the planet without its cloaking shield engaged. Given the circumstances the ship would have the shield up so the natives and the Agamari would not see it enter the atmosphere, that is if the ship doesn't remain in orbit (still cloaked). I'm toying with a number of possible entry methods.

As far as resisting their saviors. Well Idun and Valda can put up shields that can protect the group if necessary (among other things in their arsenal) and then there are three Drake (in the near future you'll see what a Drake can do to an army when it doesn't have any restrictions).

Something else about the confiscation. Asking to give up your weapons is a grave insult to an Agamari. So by wanting the group to give up their weapons the Agamari are insulting the group...

I believe the group numbers around 19 (excluding your characters and assuming Deac shows up again).

One final thought about the Tarsis plot line. Red and I often discuss plots with each other to work things out and to get desired effects. As we come closer to the point were this plot line will begein I would recommend that you share ideas/how you want the plot to proceed (not ever detail so you can have some surprised etc.). This way problems that could destroy the plot line can be taken care of well in advance.

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