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*in stu's quarters.*
*over inter-com.*
"JAX! are you okay. I know alot about firespray's.Hang On I'm On my way!."

Whilst on the battlefield

Adrian:Ok Guys more tie's comin' in fast."
David:Oh Crap i've got one on MEEAAAAHHHGHGHGHHG!".
Alan:Ahh im takin fire."
Adrian:Look Someone's Comin out of the hangar."
Colleen:It looks like a Firespray.
(Alan Smiles)Alan:Ha! stu's back out."
Stu:"Hey Guys,I'll Help you in a minute but i gotta help Jax with a firespray and two TIE's."
All:"Yes Sir!".
Stu:Ok Jax lets do this!"

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