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Now BD, exactly what could 100,000 irate warriors do to a Shadow? There is a reason that they gained that nickname, y'know.

The size of the group will increase during/after the upcoming dimension hop (i.e. this chapter), although not necessarily in the area of trusted, dependable members.... Even so, a group of unstable refugee magical powerhouses could put a serious dent in any army sent after them, especially one who can't use the Force or any useful technology.

Personally, faced with a 100,000-strong army armed with archaic weapons, no knowledge of Aether magic (or most likely ANY magic), in fact no supernatural powers at all (correct?), and no 'high' technology, I think the big army's chances start looking grimmer.

Finally if power drain is the key to the anti-tech mojo, there is now way most or all of Guy's stuff would be affected, since logically you can't create something to drain a power source if you don't know it exists, right?

Although, it wouldn't be terribly difficult to create a plot situation in which Guy is relieved of his technology by an external force, before even reaching Agamar... I'm thinking a certain Blade, at the moment.

btw, Admiral: You do plan on having the Drakes stick around?

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