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(I'm not too fond of a firespray-class patrol ship being able to do what you guys have been allowing it to do, but uh, I'll go with it anyways. If it gets too out of hand, I'm gone.)

Sebastian looked out of his cockpit viewport, viewing the new enemy. A patrol ship? How can that thing destroy a massive star destroyer?
"Conquestor, this is Black leader, what data do you have on that ship?" He said into his comm.
No reply came. "Damnit! The Conquestor was the star destroyer being destroyed by the patrol ship."
He looks out of his viewport again, seeing two more star destroyers. Another squadron of TIEs comes out, but not just any TIE fighters. TIE Advanced modules, or TIE Avengers. That reminded him of something.
"Black squadron, re-route back to a star destroyer." He says, counting about four of his squadron members still alive.
He puts his Interceptor back in full gear, flying past everyone at brilliant speeds to get to the star destroyers alive. Before he knows it, he and his other pilots are back at one of the star destroyers.
"Excellent job everyone. Refuel and repair your fighters. I've got some business to take care of."
Sebastian leaves the hangar and takes an elevator and several hallways up to the bridge. He quickly finds the person he's looking for on the bridge, Umera Lass, woman of grand enemy weapons and technology intelligence.
"Umera, can you tell me what that ship out there is, as well as the fighters?" He asks.
She takes a deep breath, looks out the viewport, spotting the ship, back down to her datapad, and then to him. "Well, I know that it is not a ship allied with the Rebellion or us. Therefore, it could only be one thing: A mercenary or bounty hunter. Second, the bomb that it used to destroy the Conquestor was, from what we know, one of ours. Third, the TIE fighters appear to be droid-class. Highly trained and programmed droid brains, that is." She tells him.
"Well great. Why can't we manage to get past it's shields?"
No reply...

(By the way, what ever happened to Gus/Renegade Angel? He hasn't made a single post yet. And the droid fighters are TIE/d fighters. According to Imperial Intelligence, at least. Only these are highly trained droid brains.)

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