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(dont worry it wont get out of hand. when i was thinking of a possible r/p to do i thought of some sought of bounty hunter thing but i wanted to put him/her in the middle of a rebel vs. imperial battle.So really the Bounty Hunter is the phantom. And i wont make the bounty hunter destroy any more star destoyers or rebel cruisers, anyway...)

Jax: "wooooah that firespray has some power"
Don: "Jax, another firespray ship is heading our way"
*looks over*
Jax: *smiles* "thats stu's ship!"
*intercom still full of static*
Nekx: "Guys those ties, what are they?"
Jax: "i'll run the data through my appears they are Tie droids"
Don: "I Didn't know the imperials had droids"
Jax: "I don't think they trust them"
*firespray ship destroys Tie fighter that is tailing Y-wing then destroys the Y-wing*
Jax: "damn it!"
Dave: "jax that was Blue 9"
Jax: "what? god damn it! you bastard!"
*over intercom*
"jax return the base we are retreating!"
"We can't possibly hold on much longer"
"but the imperials will get away and so will the firespray ship"
"that is not our concern"
"it is when he kills one of my fighters!"
"Jax are ignoring a command?"
"that is a courtmarshel offence, punishabel by death"
"so be it im not letting him get away!"
*turns off radio*


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