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Clan Name : Star Soldiers
Clan Tag : =SS=
Clan Leaders : =SS= Cmdr. Katie, =SS=Maj. General Bryant and =SS= Lt. General Wickwire, (Republic Commando Division.)
Platform: PC
Factions : All
Time Zone : Eastern, but not limited to that.
Clan Forums Link :

There are (2) Divisions to =SS=, which are Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Republic Commando. The SWBF Division of =SS= has the (5) Squad Units. There will also be a SWBF 2 Division too once the game is out. I am the Leader/Founder of =SS=, an avid girl gamer and we are recruiting too. We have alliances with at least (2) SWBF Clans. Our servers, for the time being anyways, are =SS= for both Divisions. Feel free anytime to visit and register in our Forums- we welcome all. =SS= upholds all aspects of fair gameplay, good sportsmanship and respectful conduct. We do not tolerate any questionable behavior or foul language in our Fourms or game servers.
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