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Originally posted by DarthMoeller
I am trying to decompile a_doormoor.ncs (the script that fires when the morgue door opens on peragus) and I have JRE installed, and I extracted nwscript.nss to kotor tool directory, and then ran DeNCS, and opened that above script, and it is still decompiling for almost 10 minutes, and my hard drive is doing nothing. Is there something that I did not install correctly or that I am missing?
a_doormor.ncs takes about 1 second on my computer
(edit: snipped redundancy)

You mean you installed JRE 1.6, right? Have you been able to decompile anything with DeNCS, or was this the first script you tried? If you try running with an earlier JRE, it will usually appear to do nothing.

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