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yeah sorry Seb but i'm like 16 hours ahead cause i live in australia so yeah sorry.

Stu:Hey Don, Why is Jax going dark again.(not recieving any Intercom messages.)
To self :Hmm i've got an idea."
"R7 Can you get ready to hack into one of those TIE's cause they look like Droid Piloted TIE's."
*R7 hacks into a TIE/d*
"Set a course for our Cruiser."
R7:*happy beeping.*
"Attention all Crew, ther will be a TIE/d heading for our ship leave it because it will be docking, once it's docked shut it down i want to research on it and perhaps re-build a fleet of them."
Ship commander:Yes Admiral."
"Ok all of the remaining green squadron increase sheilds and concentrate all fire on the new TIE Squadron."
GS:Yes Sir!"
"theres only a few people in the galaxy that have Firesprays,They're Bloody rare ships. it must be a bounty hunter."
"R7 I need some info on that firespray."
"It says the pilots name is The Phantom pshh that cant be a real name."

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