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Re: Re: TSLpatcher help

Originally posted by ChAiNz.2da
Like T7 mentioned, stoffe's examples included worked wonders for me

Though I was "lost" at first, I made my first Patcher while having the examples (and the readme) open along with my project.

It was probably one of the first times where a 'mod' of mine worked the first time.. miracles do happen huh?

Try following them as you go along, but if there's any other questions, feel free to post. Now that there's a few of us here who've used it... maybe stoffe won't wind up having to answer all of them this go around

hey chainz, maybe you could tell me how you got yours to work step-by-step? please, if you don't mind to terribly much maybe simplify it for a simpleton like me

PS. I love your laughing man avatar, i was going to do the same thing, but wasn't sure if this web site would allow me to use custom avatars or not...

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