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Jax: "Don take dave and Nekx back i wont have you guys punished becuase of me"
Don:"don't be stupid we're all in this together"
*don and others turn off intercom system between them and crusiers*
Jax: "thats a kind gesture but i wont have you die becuase of me"
Don: "im staying with you"
*firespray ship comes up behind us and fires a heat seeking missile*
Dave: "oh crap we got a heat seeker coming our way"
Jax: "crap....wait guys i have a plan follow me"
Don: "copy that"
*over intercom on jax ship*
"Jax i order you to return"
"i refuse"
"so be it....attention all personal Jax Polara aka Blue Leader has turned againt us, he is now our enemy. all ships can fire at will at him and his group of B wings....Im sorry Jax"
*intercom goes dead*
Jax: *shakes head* "guys just follow me"
*goes towards star destroyer*
Don: "I know what your doing, and i don't think its gunna work"
*starts running along the bow*
*arms torpedo*


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