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Re: TSLpatcher help

Originally posted by TheOssusKeeper
Quick question for someone who might know:
Is there a comprehensive step-by-step guide for dummies like me who donít know much about using the TSLpatcher and the other utils that comes with it?
If so, where can I find it?
Don't think there is, and as evident by the readme file I'm terrible at writing guides, so the chance that I would write one that is usable is rather minimal.

Besides, it depends on what type of mod you'd use it for how you'd need to do things, so it's a bit hard to make a "one size fits all" type of guide...

You could have a look at some of the existing mods that use the patcher and see how things are done there. The changes.ini file present with these mods contain the instructions for the patcher and can be opened with both a texteditor (like notepad) or with the ChangeEdit utility included with the patcher.

A few mods off the top of my head that I remember uses it that may be useful to look at as an example:

ChAiNz.2da's Bao-Dur armor - adds a new baseitem to baseitems.2da and updates the GFF/UTI template for the armor to point to it.

My Force Powers mod - Adds new lines to a bunch of 2da files, adds new text to dialog.tlk, hacks script files with proper 2da index values. Also enables updating of existing lines from a previous install of the mod.

My Twilek exile appearance posted a few days ago - Adds a new player appearance editing heads, appearance and portraits.2da, adds workbench-creating for a robe, modifies existing animations.2da line.

There may be other mods using it as well that I can't think of right now. Inspect the changes.ini of other mods and see how things are put together, that be of some help in figuring it out.

And if you have any questions about anything, please ask.

One important piece of advice that makes understanding those files a bit easier though: Everything is done in the order it is listed in the patcher instructions. Thus the ordering of instructions is very important in cases where files reference eachother, like the heads.2da ---> appearance.2da --> portraits.2da sequence when adding a new appearance. This is important to keep in mind when storing values in the 2DAMEMORY tokens for later use.
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