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(Ahh, sorry about that. I was playing Republic Commando last night, so I didn't see Fisto's post. It isn't really my place to post right now anyway as you guys are all interacting. Oh, and this post starts off with me being in the hangar bay, not the bridge like the last post.)

Sebastian stood in the hangar bay of one of the two star destroyers in combat with the Rebels. He gazed out of the hangar and seen the other star destroyer shake from a torpedo. That was enough of this.
He walks up to a general, "Sir, I request nine squads of stormtroopers. Ten in each squad."
"What for squadron leader?" The general replied.
"I'm going to take a flight of boarding craft onto the Rebel's cruiser."
"Very well," he nodded, gathering his troops.
Within a few minutes, they had loaded three Delta-Class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transports with stormtroopers and prepared an escort of twelve TIE fighters.
Sebastian walked aboard the lead transport and into it's cockpit where he would maneuver it over to the Rebel cruiser. That cruiser is small, and has almost no military presence aboard the ship. Taking it will not be difficult.
"All personnel, man your fighters and transports."
In another minute, they had finished loading everything and manned the transports and fighters. "Okay, this is it." He said.
The delta-class transports launched from the star destroyer's hangar bay, escorted by the squadron of TIE fighters. "All transports, balance your deflector shields in the front. Fighter crew, keep our butt's safe."
It was just a matter of time now. The Rebel escort carrier would be taken by them, and then that action would leave their fighter crew in space homeless, defenseless, and soon overtaken by death.

(Okay, I'll try helping out those who may not be as experienced as I in the EU or just can't remember. The links below will give you data on that ship.

Rebel Escort Carrier -

Stormtrooper Transport -

And you should know what TIE fighters and star destroyers are, so that's it. Good luck; the battle has just begun. Also, perhaps we should make a new thread dubbed The Phantom II. The forum rules do recommend it, and it would allow for the pages to load faster. But anyways, see ya'. )

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