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(kk cool we cld start a new thread im kinda busy tho right now so i'll probably do it later unless one of you guys wanna do it)

Don: "Jax Imperial boarding craft are heading towards one of the cruisers"
*no response*
Don: "We have to take them down and help them!"
Jax: "we are now "traitors" im not about to help someone who will shoot me on site for doing nothing more than what was requested of me"
Don: "jax they havn't betrayed us, they said they were leaving right? well why havnt they left? probably becuase they want us to get onboard!"
Jax: "Don you know thats not true, You know they arn't moving becuase they have to wait for the hyper drive to come back online, or they want to lure us into a trap and i don't think they want to leave Gus and Stu behind"
Don: "wha? Stu and Gus? wait...they are out here so why arn't they being acused of being traitors?"
Jax: "Becuase they are admirals"
dON: *ANGRY* "what? No offence to them but you're a much better pilot and you saved Viper squdron and the rebel forces countless time! so why arn't you an admiral"
Jax: "because im a liabilty, i don't follow....all the rules and I don't want to be admiral"
Don: "oh"
Jax: " but it dosnt matter we have to get that firespray ship!"
*in range of rebel cruisers cannons whcih fire a warning shot*
Jax: "oh great now they are trying to kill us! Don i order you to go back to the ship!"
Don: "no!"
Jax: "NOW!"
*don flies back along with Dave and Nekx*
*firespray starts to shoot at Stu*

(sorry for all the long crap . I just wanted to give more of an insight to what Jax is like. He secretly wants to be an admiral but he isn't offered the job. deep down he is jelous of Stu for being an admiral, although a friend of his, Jax believes he should have become an admiral instead of Stu. After the viper squdron disaster Jax has resented Stu for not coming quick enough and he blames Stu and him self for what happened. That is why he has close ties with his team and dosn't obey orders)


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