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Postlude to Holocaust VI: Strangers - Part 2

See the opening post of Part 1 for all the usual intro stuff.

Between where the last thread left off, and this thread begins, the following happened:


*As the group prepares to leave the planet, Guy privately asks Heimdall to gather the current members of the group to discuss certain currently pressing matters. Heimdall agrees, and all current members of the group are called to meet in the Asgardried's lounge as the ship begins its trip to the map's next destination.

Hal, Alessa, and Drago decide to leave with their people (Drago after aninsult match with Heimdall). The Drakes go with them. The Asgardried leaves.

The remainder of the group is currently gathering in the Asgardried's lounge, waiting mostly for Orthos' arrival.*

Through the Portals

*Aren takes the four captives - Ellela, Aidan, Gortick and Matt - away from prying ears to ask them to cooperate with her. According to her, the Shadows are not evil, merely the acquisitions and security branch of a large interdimensional business syndicate fighting to keep itself from falling into corruption. According to Aren, the Shadows didn't kidnap the four captives - outside hires did, and Aren has authority to release them if they will explain to her who they are, and what they're doing that makes them so important.*

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