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*Dodges fire-spray shots.*
"Copy that gus. All Of Green Squadron retreat, i dont want you becoming traitors too."
All:"What why,stu you're a great help to the rebel alliance."
"i know look i've got an idea."
All:Very Well"
"Admiral Zandar,This is colonel jackson, you're TIE/d has arrived do you want us to shut it down?"
"Wait jackson let me speak to the ships commander."
"Very well,Admiral Zandar this is commander Wilson, turn back NOW!!"
"No, cease fire at Jax or else."
"What you're nuts Jax has turned against us. unless you're against us too."
"If thats the case then goodbye."
"Fine, prepare to be destroyed."
*turns off inter-com.*
"R7, Use the TIE/d to destroy the cruiser from the inside out."
R7:*Glum beeping.*
"All E-wings turn around now the cruiser is being destroyed, i advise you to fly to Tatooine uuntil the heats off."
Adrian: (sighes) Very well, Ok Guys set co-ordinates for tatooine."
Stu:Adrian i hope we meet again,may the force be with you all."
"Ok Gus Let's Go."

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