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Taking the escort carrier

(Okay FiStO-KiT, I don't see how that TIE fighter is going to destroy the cruiser. It only has laser cannons, and flying it against something is only going to do minor damage. I look forward to seeing what happens to the escort carrier. In the meantime, I need to board it and take over the ship.)

The three Delta-Class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transports contine towards the escort carrier, followed by a squadron of TIE fighters. Sebastian sat in the cockpit of the leading transport, viewing the fight outside.
Hmm, they haven't attacked us yet. What are they, braindead? He wondered.
The transports came closer and closer to the escort carrier, and then, suddenly, the ship opened fire on the transports.
"Keep frontal deflector shields up at maximum. We're almost there," he told the other officers over the comm.
Another minute, and all three transports had made it to the hangar bay.
"Begin landing sequence. All troops, lock and load; this is gonna be your lucky day."

(PS: This is going to be a little cheap, but back on the ship I switched uniforms into a stormtrooper. I carry the standard set of equipment, nothing more, nothing less. Also, I'm only a regular soldier, so I won't be commanding too much in this boarding mission. See ya')

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