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(ok back lest stop talking about Halo and get back to our r/p shall we?)

*firespray ship stops following Stu and starts to fly towards a rebel cruiser which carries a vast amount of fighters (different one to which you are boarding Sebastian)*

"Oh crap he's going towards that cruiser....oh crap i sent blue team there!"
*turns on commlink*
"Don do you copy?"
*no answer*
"Don here"
"Don its jax, the firespray is heading towards your ship!"
"oh....theres nothing i can do i've been detanined becuase they think im a traitor!"
"I'll have to try and take it out then"
*shoots at fire spray ship but it's shields are too strong*
"damn it! Command, command this is Blue leader i repeat this is Blue Leader!"
"oh, it's you...What do you want traitor?"
"A fire spray ship is heading your way i suggest you leave or open fire"
"A firespray ship cannot penetrate our shields"
"That firespray ship destroyed that star destroyer!"
"i have nothing to say to you....scum"
*commlink goes dead*
"Damn it!"
*republic cruiser opens fire on the firespray ship and Me. Dodges Blasts and fires torpedo at firespray ship which takes the hit but continues to fly*
"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! That ship is too strong!"
*firespray launches a missile whoch looks like a seismic charge. EXPLOSION*
*My ship is thrown into the cruiser. The B wing looses a wing and is alomost completely destroyed. The cruiser also sustands minor damage. abondening all hope i dock with the cruiser. An armed guard is waiting there*
"Jax Polara you are under arrest for treason"
"wait, i need to talk to the Captain"
"you're not talking to anyone scum bag!"
"No you dont understand that firespray ship..."
*pulls out thermal detanator*
"look if i drop this we all die"
"what?....put that down now!"
"Take me to see the captain! NOW!"
"fine....follow me"
*walks to bridge*
"well i didn't expect you to give yourself up just yet"
"I have no intention of "giving up" anyway, but you must listen to me, that firespray ship is lethal, it will destroy everyone of our ships!"
"OUR ship? im afraid you are no longer-"
"SHUT UP! listen to me that ship will destroy you! and everyone else!"
"...what do you want from us?"
"release Blue group from investigation of being traitors, also Gus and Stu are not traitors so pardon them too....and give me a ship and fix my B wing while your at it"
"....fine....but what about you?"
"Im no traitor captain, if i destroy this ship i will return and expect a pardon, if i don't....i will see you in hell!"
*turns to leave*
"so be it Jax"
*In hanger bay i grab my second ship, a custom A-wing Jax flew after Viper Sqadron, It had advanced laser cannons and was armed with heat seeking torpedoes and advanced EMP missiles which could knock out anyships electrical equipment and could possibly make them useless. It was also one of the fastes fighters in the galaxy, much faster than a firespray or even a TIE interceptor. I jump in and push the ignition. the ship comes to life and i shoot out of the hanger bay*
"Gus? Stu? do you copy?"


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