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Okay, I was having one of those megalamaniac moments before, as a matter of interest I've rebalanced the force now and actually reduced the numbers, although I've increased the numbers of certain troops and changed the ratios of others. From a military standpoint I'm interested in oppinions, especially the artilliary at the moment its 1 piece per 100 longbowmen.

As regards the group, Red you can only throw so many men at a group in melee but you can shoot them up as much as you want. There are 6,000 longbowmen and 2,000 skirmishers. The longbows will do 15 arrows a minute, thats 90,000 arrows a minute. The skirmishers can do 20, thats another 40,000 arrows, 130,000 arrows in one minute! Two minutes of sustained fire before anyone runs out of arrows.

So the group will have to survive 260,000 arrows from the foot soldiers alone, I'm not even going to bother with factoring in the mounted archers.

About the heros thing, well maybe the Agamari will engage the group in single combat one by one. After all the group aren't the only heros in the galaxy.

I don't want you thinking I'm just being argumentative, I'm trying to throw up worthy counterpoints.

Okay, so lets look at whats going to happen again.

1. The Asgardried approaches and lands under cloak.

2. The group disembark, as soon as the Tarsai become aware of them they will mass and attack, the group will be out numbered by 10-20:1.

3. The group are "rescued" by an Agamari patrol and taken to To Dura.

4. The group are asked, very politely, to give up any high-tech equipment they have, which will be held for them until they return. The Agamari re-suply the group with their own weapons/equipment.

Admiral, as a pradtical story point, provided the group don't obcenely insult the entire Agamari race they will be treated very well, and I don't mean that relativly. In case you haven't picked up on the hints I've been dropping, the Agamari adhere to the old rules of hospitality. Basically anyone who you invite into your home could be a god, so you don't mistreat them because you might incur divine rath.

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