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More suggestions...

I have a few more suggestions that would be very useful if you wished to implement.

* Is there any way to make k-gff display the index number of the structs in a LIST field, like the bioware editor does? That feature would make it easier to find a specific struct in a List.

* It would be nice if k-gff could save the last used window dimensions, window positioning and position/size of the resizable panels (what are they called?) It's a little annoying when you have to change the window appearance every time you start the program.

* It it isn't too much work, it would be nice if the label, datatype and value could be displayed as columns like in the bioware GFF editor. Makes it easier on the eyes when you scan through the tree trying to spot a specific value.

* A simple search feature where you could type in a field value and the editor would jump to a field matching the value would be useful when trying to find a value in a large file.

* When pasting a value into an input box where the current value is selected, is it possible to make it replace the selected text rather than append what you paste at the end of what's already there like it does now? Most other windows applications tend to overwrite selected text when you paste, so it kind of goes by reflex.

Just a few suggestions. The editor is very useful as it is already.

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