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Admiral, you fool! The extra weight of that computer will be your undoing. Just out of interest, which mountain and how much does your kit weigh?

((I'll start off.))

As the transport decended Hal made a final check of his equipment, then issued the ritual order, "Huscarles bywan," from that point on the tension began to rise, each of the warriors knew what was to come and what he must do.

The men settled their helmets on their heads and made ready to mount, the count down began.


The inertial compensators meant the group didn't even register the jolt as the ship touched down, moments later the ramp dropped and it began.

Daskus was first out, kicking his horse into a run as soon as he hit solid ground, a small double armed croosbow in his right hand, he was rapidly followed by three more warriors. As they left the ship they spread out to the edges of the stone circle that was some hundred and fifty paces in diamater.

The first crossbow bolt went wide, passing just left Daskus' helm, his arm moved and his upper bow string twanged, folowed a moment later by a cry from beyond the tree line as the bolt found its mark. Then Hal and Drago emerged, trailed by two more houseguards. As he cleared the hatch Hal raised his shield to catch two more bolts, one of which struck the rim and bounced off. The man behind Hal loosed two arrows from his bow, the second of which found its mark.

Hal carried a quiver of darts and now he hurled one at the first of their assailants to show himself, the creature dodged but he did not see the second bolt from Daskus' crossbow, which smashed into his forhead. Drago kicked his horse foward and beheaded one with his sword while another of the warriors rammed his blade into the neck of a creature, severing the spine and jugular, then exiting through the throat in a spray of blood. Just that quickly it was over, realizing they were out matched the hunting party fled back into the forest, five more fell to arrows and darts before they all dissapeared.

Hal let out and long breath and walked his horse towards the Tarsai Daskus had downed and retrieved his wasted dart. As he leaned from his saddle he took a quick look at the creature then straightened up in disgust. The thing was four limbed and from a distance might have looked human, it wore clothes; ragged breaches and a studded leather jerkin, and it had two arms and two legs but there the resemblance ended. The creature had skin the motled colour of rusted iron, small squinty, sharp teeth and a face twisted like something from a child's nightmare.

Hal trotted his horse back to the group then made a signal to those still inside the transport. The last six houseguards walked their horses down the ramp in close formation with Allessa in the middle, riding her mare. Daskus emerged from the tree line, having circled the clearing. "They have gone, my lord."

Hal turned nodded slightly to the old warrior, "Though they'll be back, and in greeter numbers."

"Aye," Drago agreed, "we had best be moving."

With that the group turned onto the well used trail leading from the stone circle, with Daskus taking point and two flank riders to the left and right the rest rode protectivly around Allessa. They headed north west, the mountains looming in the distance.

The drop trasport lifted off and returned to the void.

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