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Sebastian left the cockpit of the stormtrooper transport, and entered the troop bay of the ship. A white helmet stood on a small table, staring him straight in the eyes. He picked the helmet up and put it on, looking out of the tactical display. He tilted his head sideways and then looked at all the other stormtroopers. This was not something he was good at; being a soldier.
"Okay, lets go. Secure the hangar and leave no Rebel alive. Go, go, go!" He shouts over the comm in his helmet.
The back of the transport opens, and all thirty stormtroopers jump out onto the hangar floor one after another. Sebastian is last to get out, making sure he isn't the first to get blasted. Once he is out, he quickly scans the area and yells, "Fire, fire!"
All the troopers give him a look of confusion by tilting their head sideways.
"Uhh, sir... Look around you," a trooper said.
Sebastian gave the hangar another look, with more precision this time. Numerous Rebel officers lied on the floor dead, a few dead stormtroopers, and some droids. Some of the hangar's lights were blown, there was some oil leaking from some starfighters, countless blaster holes in walls, etc. But other than that, the ninety stormtroopers had taken the hangar bay.
"Oh," he said. "Sorry, I... I ---"
"I know. Perhaps I will do the commanding now?" The trooper replied. "Men; shut off the hangar's entrance. Prepare to breach the north door. Once the door has been blown, you're to inflitrate the ship and get to the bridge. There will be a light military presence on the ship, but nothing you guys can't handle. Leave no one alive. Go!"
A few stormtroopers wen't for the controls to shut off the hangar bay's entry/exit. The majority of others went towards defense positions and barriers to hide behind. And a couple troopers went to initiate the door breach on the north door. Sebastian himself ran behind a X-wing fighter for cover.
A huge door behind the stormtrooper transports shut itself and closed the hangar bay. The stormtroopers who shut the hangar off then returned to defense positions.
The breaching squad placed a demolitions pack over the north door. All the troopers readied their rifles and grenades, aiming towards the north door. In just a minute, the escort carrier would respond to the Imperial boarders with their only military defenses. And a fair militia force it would be. Now all they can do is wait.....

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